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Where Efficiency Meets Expertise: Your Goods, Our Responsibility.

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Your property is safe with The NCL

Transport Services

We represent almost 50 years of experience in High Value, Time sensitive location logistics.

Cargo Services

We handle everything from small packages to big shipments, making sure they arrive safely and on schedule.

Cold chain solutions

we offer a custom-made logistics package to our cus- tomers by providing a single source for all their shipping needs.


We provide moving solutions locally, Inter-Province and Intra-Province logistic solutions across Pakistan.

Ensuring the best quality transport service

We make sure your valuable things get where they need to go safely and on time, every time.

Integration of occupational safety and health

Keeping our team safe and healthy by making sure workplace safety is part of everything we do.

Commitment to sustainable development

Dedicated to making the world better by taking care of the environment and our communities for a brighter future.

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Safety, Health & Environment Commitment

Highest standards of safety and health performance
Safety culture is based on Prevention, Hazard Awareness
Continuous Improvement and compliance with carefully developed procedures
Promptly report of all safety incidents and unsafe condition to supervisors

Safety Training

Safety is always taken seriously. Thorough training, retraining which occurs every month, enables us to ensure driver safety.

In addition, we use rigorous screening techniques, including drug/alcohol screening, criminal background check, personality testing, and medical review.

Safety is not limited to the highway; we also utilize extensive safety systems for our maintenance and office environments.

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